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Love the seasons

Enjoy Kyoto
Love the seasons
Eat Kyoto

The Kamogawa River flows gently in the middle of a basin surrounded by mountains on three sides.
You can enjoy the beauty that life and nature have woven in more than a thousand years of history in the changing expressions from season to season.

Kyoto is famous for its cherry blossoms.
Admiring a variety of expressions displaying transient beauty while roaming around the historic landmarks to find your own “cherry blossom scenery” is also one of the ways to enjoy Kyoto.

The streets of Nakaragi sided by cherry blossoms

Cherry blossoms in the Maruyama park at night

Cherry blossoms in the Takasegawa River

Fresh verdure burst into bud in early summer.
An abundance of new life springs forth in the mountains and many events are held in town in preparation for the intense summer.
You will probably be able to experience Kyoto at its most invigorating time of the year.

Flowers of Wisteria in Toba

Green maple leaves in Tofukuji temple

Ota shrine and beautiful Japanese horse mackerel in the Ota swamp

Summer in Kyoto begins with the Gion Festival and the end is marked by a bonfire.
It is a season where you can enjoy the refined Kyoto style on the riverbed and so on, enjoying the cool breeze even in the intense heat.

Great bonfire at five mountains for

Kawadoko, riverside summer terrace at Kamogawa River

Kawadoko, riverside summer terrace at Kamogawa River

In autumn, the mountains around Kyoto change color, dyeing it in red.
The colors of nature make historical temples and shrines and historic landmarks even more striking.
It is a season to enjoy the eternal flow of time and nature as it repeats itself.

Shimogamo shrine the forest of Tadasu

Maples in Kiyomizu temple

Maples in Nanzenji temple

Falling snow calms the clatter, filling it with frigid and tranquil air.
A harsh winter is also one of the attractions of Kyoto.
Savor the elegance of winter now while looking forward to the coming spring.

Kamogawa river

Daimonji mountain

Kiyomizu temple

Enjoy Kyoto
Love the seasons
Eat Kyoto